Tarpaulin Layout in Unicorn Birthday and Christening Design.

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unicorn tarpaulin template
Unicorn Birthday Theme Tarpaulin Design
Unicorn Theme Thank You Card Design

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Unicorn balloon Set Card to the Brima aluminum foil balloon children’s birthday party decorations

Before, I also created a Unicorn Theme 1st Birthday Tarpaulin Design. And Unicorn Birthday Standee

Do you love this free printable unicorn tarpaulin template? I hope you like it.

Sample tarpaulin design for 1st birthday unicorn design

1st birthday sample layout birthday tarpaulin.

Pink layout tarpaulin sample tarpaulin design unicorn.

Celebrants Photo for Unicorn Birthday

I choosing a appropriate picture of the celebrant that you want to include in the design. In this tarpaulin layout, I used 14 photos in total. 12 photos for the circles above and 2 big photos below.

Note that a good quality of photos makes a good quality of design, You can gain a high resolution of images through your digital cameras and branded phones because branded phones have a high resolution photo than not.

Tarpaulin Size

This tarpaulin design is 4 feet height and 7 feet width. With a resolution of 72. That was the size of the tarpaulin.

Before you start creating a tarpaulin template for your 1st birthday and Christening. You must set your layout to a proper size and shape to have a better result.

Details of the Design

The details should be precise and clear. It must be readable and easy to understand for guests to easily understand what your template was all about.

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