About JTarp Design

JTarp Design covers a wide range of useful Tarpaulin, Invitation, and printable templates. To help you be more productive in making design and layout ideas for creating your tarpaulin and invitation for your events.

Our growing library of over 200 pieces of content is extensively researched and heartedly designed to provide our readers and visitors with various styles and useful templates.

As content creators, we create useful content that is family-friendly and in line with Google Publisher Policies with clean word choices and visuals to maximize our user’s experience.

I started making designs in 2016, and last April 2020 I created my first website using blogger. After a few weeks, I transferred my website to WordPress for free. Until I move to new hosting and domain which is currently www.jtarp.com.

The site was launched on August 15, 2020, providing design ideas and guides. Afterward, we start uploading printable designs and featuring a broad range of useful content.

To contribute ideas on how to design for any event. Give away free templates to use for your celebration. And I’m sharing my previous design to give you an idea for your design.

Whenever I create a new design. I compiled it and put it on this webpage. JTarp Design has already produced more than a hundred designs. Birthdays, Christenings, and weddings, and a variety of tarpaulin designs. Invitation design, thank you card design, dedication card design, and many other services are available.

About Me

Owner of JTarp Design

Hey, I’m Ian, an aspiring graphic designer, and owner of JTarp Design. I’m currently a 3rd-year computer science student. I created JTarp Design because I wanted to bring many of my designs together into one place where people could discover and download great designs for any event or celebration. Additionally, to give away PSD files, and other useful information to help them stay productive.