Are you looking for a Tarpaulin Design and Editable Cocomelon PSD file. For your cocomelon birthday party theme?

Wow, look what you’ve got. Here it is, you finally found it.

The photos that sent or given to me are is high quality. Because the photos are sent in gmail or email. That’s why the photo keep its original size or resolution.

When there is someone, ask me to make them a tarpaulin layout for cocomelon themed birthday party. I always tell them not to use uploaded photos. So that the photos kept its original size or quality.

The photo of the celebrant has low light. So what I did is, I adjusted the exposure higher.

Always find ways to make the photos better. Just like what I did, I edit on my phone to enhance the photo of the celebrants.

How to make a 2nd Birthday Tarpaulin Cocomelon PSD

Add a Background of that fit for Cocomelon Psd Design

Add the desired background. Of course it should be a Cocomelon theme. Position your background image to your layout and you’ll also resize it to completely cover the whole page of the tarp.

What I used to this Birthday Cocomelon to background for this Tarpaulin Layout. The first one is forest, and the second is balloon.

I choose that two backgrounds so that my client can choose from the two layout.

Add Celebrant Photos

Place all selected photos in your layout. Place it in the perfect location of the celebrant’s photos. You may place it in the Left or Right position. It depends on the client’s wants.

Just to remember to follow all the client’s suggestions.

Use Simple Fonts

Download some readable cool fonts, that you may use in adding text to your design.

Alao use a Cocomelon theme fonts. Just search in the internet. And choose what is the best for your desired design.

Search for Design on the Internet

If you don’t have an idea of how you are going to start your design. You always search and read an article on the internet.

On how to make a design like this. And look at some templates or watch tutorial videos, in that way you will gain more ideas.

And in that way, you can imagine what your design would look like.

I hope you guys like my sample layout 2nd Birthday Tarpaulin design in Cocomelon Theme. Use this Design for Cocomelon 1st birthday too.

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And I hope, I give you some tips and tricks on how to make your own unique design.

You may also send me a message to the Official Facebook Page of this site. You can found it on the Contact Page. And I guarantee that I will respond to your message as soon as I read your email.

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