Hello good day everyone, here is the new sample layout of a Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation Design.

Our skill didn’t develop not only by ourselves but it also developed by the people around us. That’s the thing that I learned from my client from Pasig City.

Through her suggestions in my design. It looks better. Even though I modified the design many times. I still do what she says, because I believe that that will make the layout more beautiful and presentable.

Tips in Making Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation Design

Choose a good font

Always consider to follow all the suggestions of the clients. Don’t ignore what they say. So that they will be satisfied.

Size of the font style

In the design, this is one of the most important components or elements. The size of the font should be not too large and it should be too small. Always make sure that it is readable and has a 100% clarity.

Color of the text

The color of the text in the design is really important. This is the highlight of your design. Always make sure that the colors are blended well. And the most important, show it to your clients if it is okay for him or her.

Look every details

In making a tarpaulin design always make sure that all pictures are displayed very well. Just like in this case, I already made this tarpaulin layout. The client saw the picture of Elsa frozen and was hidden behind the celebrant’s picture. So she told me, can you re-edit this one? So I said sure. So it is very important to look at all the details in your design, even if it is small or big.

I hope you guys like my sample Barbie Tarpaulin design. And I hope, I give you some tips and tricks on how to make your own unique design.

If you have any questions you can freely send me an e-mail. Or you may leave a comment down here. You may also send me a message to the Official Facebook page of this site. You may find it on the Contact Page. And I guarantee that I will respond to your message as soon as I read your email.