Today, I have a very special design for a debutante’s birthday. This is the best day for her. So, she deserves an 18th Birthday Tarpaulin like this.

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By the way here was my sample design tarpaulin layout for debutante celebrant, in this sample I used a yellow and pink theme in this layout. Since the debutante wearing a light-colored shirt. This is a great color that compliments the yellow and pink background. And it was not hard for me to select a theme design for this layout.

18th Birthday Tarpaulin Design

18th Birthday Invitation Design

By the way, this design also has an Invitation. You can see here the 18th Birthday Invitation in a Hello Kitty Theme.

In this tarpaulin layout, I make a higher resolution design for this layout. In order to look so fine when it’s printed. Because the size of this tarpaulin was only made with 5 feet in width by 3 feet in height.18th Birthday tarpaulin Design Font


The font I used is a hand script design with pinkish color emboss with white stroke and black shadow. 

If you like to use this layout for your occasion just simply email to us, and we will make a tarpaulin design just like this one.

I hope you guys like my sample design for a debutante celebrant with a pink and yellow theme.

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And I expect you to get new ideas from our sample layout design for our 18th birthday. See you next time and God bless.

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